Life Audit – Your personal 360° Life check-up.

When was the last time you had a meeting with yourself to review where you are in your life journey, but mostly where you want to be? Let me guess, probably never.

Surely, you have had tons of meetings to discuss challenges and opportunities to secure your Company´s growth. You even have had meetings to prepare for those meetings. You have agreed on action plans to reach the set yearly goals, but probably you have never scheduled a meeting with yourself to catch up on your own news. Presumably, you have a feeling that something is off in your life, but you keep going forward with the automatic pilot, hoping it will resolve itself. Well, usually it never does, and often gets worse.

When problems present themselves, they do so in certain areas of your life.

It may be a struggle in your career – your physical and mental health is going downhill – you feel disconnected from your loved ones – you do not know how to screw down the volume of your inner stress.

Whatever the problems are, they can build slowly, knocking you off balance, and having a profound impact on your entire well-being. 

The only way forward is to assess your life by exclusively dedicating some of your time to an in-depth process that will guide you to reflect on where you’re atwhere you want to go, and where you need to focus right now to create the changes you wish. 

I’ve come to find out that goalsetting and self-discovery through different means and ways of scheduling meetings with (your)-self can have a significant impact on how you: view your personal development, alignment of your core values, aspirations and motivation that support your path, your focus, and how/if you follow through.

In this meeting you need:

  • Uninterrupted and undivided time to give yourself room to process your thoughts and feelings (min.2 hours)
  • The ability to be brutally honest with yourself, to clearly identify what isn’t working and what you actually want.
  • An intention to release family & society expectations in favour of your own personal needs.
  • Writing down your thoughts, because you cannot do a life audit in your head!

If you can never get the grip to do it by yourself, you can always hire a coach to guide you.

My Coaching Lab has offered this opportunity through a unique group workshop with great feedback from all the professionals participating.

Through personal and confidential exercises, the attendees assessed the present – audited in depth each and every dimension of their life (physical, mental, social and spiritual) – analysed how they spend their time – whom they spend the most time with, understanding what values those people add or take from their life – established which area needed immediate attention – audited how much time and effort they invest in their priority areas – set short and long-term goals – delineated action plans, and much more. 

The participants were amazed at how much they did not know about themselves. Likewise, they were shocked about how much time they spent every day prioritizing meaningless activities, convinced instead that they did not have time to do what they really wanted. 

By virtue of this intensive workshop, they finally identified where more balance was needed leaving the room with a sense of accomplishment for taking the very first step to secure the harmonic life they need and deserve for their personal growth.

We all deserve happiness and balance in our lives! But how? We foremost need to nurture connections with the people we love. Then we need time for friends, motivation to learn and play, and energy to develop our careers and passions.

When we get knocked by changing situations, it is paramount to find our way back to equilibrium, which is possible when we have the right tools.

Are you ready to have the most important meeting of your life – the one with yourself?

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