Life Lab

Life coaching focuses on where you are  right now, and where you want to be tomorrow in specific areas of your life. Coaching guides you to explore and set specific and relevant objectives in these areas along with help to execute them. 


  • Positive Parenting
  • Postpartum Emotional Health
  • Relationship crisis
  • Personal life goals
  • Achieving health goals
  • Managing an important life transition
  • Compassionate therapies

Why do you need Life Coaching?

For most of us, the issue is not a lack of ambition but a lack of long-term life vision.

When we are in the everyday spin, we often get caught up in the rat race chasing an ideal of success that was transmitted to us, instead of nurturing one created by personal passion and intention.

It’s no surprise that so many people live an existence where they allow expectations to be dictated by family, community, and society (e.g.: studying, working, marrying, having kids) only to wake up one day and realize that there is something missing in their lives. Subsequently, feeling guilty for not appreciating what they have accomplished, yet feel incomplete for something they don´t dare to dream, or do not even know they need.  

Most of us call this phase a `Life Crisis´ These void emotions are boxed into stereotyped diagnosis of Stress – Burn out – OCD – Depression – Andropause – Peri/Post-menopause and so on. Even worse, we beat ourselves with a secrete self-negative narrative of being `Bad Parents´ – Lousy Partners – Unengaged Employees – Mediocre Leaders, basically not good enough. These emotions are so far from the truth, and dangerously disempowering when all we really need is to authentically connect with ourselves to finally create and design the life we were meant to have

Coaching can address that void letting you finally live a life of long-lasting gratification. Anything can happen!

You can for example:

  • Transform your passion into a full-time career.
  • Become your own entrepreneur.
  • Embrace the present relationship with a different awareness and vision.
  • Walk out of a toxic relationship.
  • Acquire new skills or resources.
  • Balance professional and personal life with no longer creating undesirable consequences for oneself and for the loved ones.
  • Getting out of numbness with increased energy and lust for life.
  • Debunk limiting beliefs and emotional blocks.
  • The possibilities are endless…

The originality of my coaching consists of accompanying you to decipher your own path so you can:

Outline a personal or professional life direction in harmony with your desires.

Rewrite the narrative of your inner dialogue which is often saboteur of your wishes.

Plan concretely and actively for self-realization.

In coaching these fundamental principles are applied:

There are no right or wrong people.

The individual has the potential to achieve the goal.

People try to choose the best option among the opportunities available to them.

All actions are performed with positive intentions.

People are constantly changing and this process is inevitable.

People do not make mistakes but get feedback for their actions.