A variety of unique solutions to fit your needs. 

Discovery Session

This complimentary discover consultation of 45 min is to bring to light the current challenges and explore whether we are the right fit for each other. The session is not binding and confidential. (On-Line)

Single /Extra Session

The single session of 90 min is good for a deep yet accelerated discovery or as an extra session to complement an existing package. (On-Line or In person)

BASIC Package of 5 sessions

This package includes up to 6 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions including e-mail correspondence, spread over a 6 months period to address your specific needs.  

We will work together towards a clear plan of action on the chosen area of focus, arming you with the mindset and skills to make significant changes and move you forward.  (On-line or In person)

PREMIUM Package of 10 Sessions

Gain clarity and get specific on what You want from life, and why.  This package is the “must-have” for the full experience.

A transformational solution for any small or big challenge. This journey includes up to 12 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions, e-mail correspondence, and phone support over 1 year period to implement the change and never look back! ( On-line or In person)

Special Packages

Special Packages

Combo Coaching & ” UnconsciousTouch”

The perfect combination for those who need a nurturing package for the mind, soul and body.
(In person)

Combo Coaching & Meditation

A very popular package to tackle stress from within. It consists of 1 BASIC package of 5 coaching sessions, and 5 sessions of traditional Hatha Yoga & Gong Bath.
(On-Line or In person)

Combo Coaching & Psychotherapy

A rather unique package for those who require psychological support to be followed by a personal action plan. The collaboration between the 2 professionals will ensure an optimal result. For singles, couples and families. 
(On-Line or In person)

Professional Development Coaching

Professional business coaching can provide a fresh perspective on your career, and provide access to various tools and techniques designed to help you take stock and achieve your goals. Propel your career way beyond the established goals.
(On-Line or In person)

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