Group Coaching Lab

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success"
By Henry Ford
Group coaching is a fun and effective approach to create a community of like-minded people, tapping into the collective wisdom of the group.

Here are some of the gains from group coaching:

Shared collective wisdom: Group coaching provides an opportunity to discuss your dreams and goals with similar people and share insights on learning and contributing.

Willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions: Group coaching brings an element of accountability to others. This is an excellent motivator when you come to each session to report your progress and achievement of objectives and the barriers to achievement with others who are empathetic and supportive. 

Augment your motivation: This type of coaching is a great stimulator. When you routinely feel discouraged and overwhelmed, the support from other participants as well as from professional coaches will put you back on track.

New network and authentic friendships: Group coaching allows you to make new connections and form authentic friendships.

Costeffective: Sharing is caring. Group coaching is an affordable option, where you will benefit and experience the power of coaching sharing the fee.


Workshops are conducted by myself or jointly with selected inspiring and nurturing collaborators. These uplifting and enriching meetings provide tools, information, and many other invaluable resources that teach lifelong practical skills that can be implemented right away or built dependent upon the groups’ needs and desired goals.

Interested in a private event for your group? Let’s talk!

How to Attend a My Coaching Lab Arrangement:

I periodically provide public programs and events both in-person and online. Join me on my Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

Workshops and Events

Sorry too late for this one!

Riconnessione con il femminile – In Italian

Questo evento si rivolge a tutte le donne che sentono l’importanza della ricerca personale, e che desiderano riconnettersi con le proprie radici e la propria essenza.
Parteciperai con altre donne – per altre donne.