Professional Lab

Professional business coaching can provide a fresh perspective on your career, and provide access to various tools and techniques designed to help you take stock and achieve your goals.

With 15 years experience as leader. coach and consultant, I guide individuals in achieving successful career transformations while offering consulting services to small-to-medium sized businesses to enhance their HR practices.

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Returning to The Job Market
  • Personal Development
  • Career Discovery
  • Change In Career
  • Interview Training & Coaching
  • Business Start-up Coaching
  • Expats Cultural Integration
  • Cross-Cultural Diversity & Inclusion
  • Optimizing business workplace culture and performance

The world as we know it is undergoing radical changes, and the classic way of working is becoming a thing of the past. Prior to the COVID pandemic, globalization was already accelerating this change at a rapid pace, but now it is skyrocketing with the integration of artificial intelligence.

Too many people have been made redundant from their workplace and more jobs will soon be disappearing because they are obsolete and irrelevant to the current market situation. There is no doubt, that proactively re-evaluating your career plan will lead you to a more personal empowered role and put you ahead of the game. 

The good news is that there is an opportunity in every crisis!

If you have always aspired to be an entrepreneur or a solopreneur, then swift intentional action now to escape redundancy kick start your future of becoming your own boss! The framework for success, paired with motivation and passion, lies within identifying your project´s vital elements: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks.

If you dream of changing careers to join a better fitting organization where you will feel valued and recognized for your natural talents, coaching can assist in moving forward and achieving your full potential, by focusing on where you are right now and where you want to be tomorrow.

If you are the owner or director of a small-to-medium-sized business, I can provide consultation services to help you establish an inclusive and harmonious culture, optimize workplace performance, and maximize professional potential.

What career coaching will help you with:

  • Become clear on your purpose and direction
  • Identify and refine the skills you already own
  • Target internal and external resources to increase your opportunities
  • Determine what you are willing to lose and gain to get what you desire
  • Set clear objectives to move your career forward
  • Design your next career steps purposefully, strategically and affordably
  • Transform your passion into a full-time career
  • Become your own entrepreneur
  • Detox the culture of your business
  • Analyzing Retention Strategies

Business Packages

Interview Training and Coaching

This package is designed to help overcome anxiety, build confidence and increase your success rate in job interviews. It will help you prepare, practice and perform more effectively during interviews and teach relevant skills and techniques to stand out from other applicants.
On-Line or In-person

Start-up Business Coaching

Showcase your skills to the world by becoming a solopreneur. Start with a solid foundation by investing in coaching support, designed to fit your unique needs. Reaching clarity on your purpose and identifying what differentiates you from the masses will propel your business way beyond the established goals.
On-Line or In-person

Corporate – People and Culture Consultancy

We collaborates with clients to uplift and reinforce the goals and performance of leaders, teams, and organizations. MCL facilitates purposeful and sustainable transformation across the entire organization, aiming to enhance its overall effectiveness and success.

We offer leadership development programs that cater to both individuals and teams, focusing on enhancing their leadership skills and abilities. Whether it’s an individual seeking personal growth or a team aiming to strengthen their collective leadership capabilities, our programs are designed to meet their specific needs and foster development in these areas.
On-Line or In-person