Welcome to My Coaching Lab!

In my Lab, I will unravel what matters most to you in your life. Total focus on your personal and professional goals to help you to align your life with your authentic self. My passion is to facilitate people to shine through their pure essence and potential. A total safe coaching environment where I attentively blend my expertise, competencies and passions for your individual needs.

Who am I?

Hi, I am Elena. I am a professional, a wife and a mother of two amazing girls. I am passionate about loving, equipping and caring for people. I am the friend to turn to when in need and to hang out with to have fun. People describe me as warm, kind, and positive, but also straight-talking, witty, cheeky, and chilled.

Lived and studied in Italy, the UK and Denmark, and have received several professional certifications from the UAE. I’m a globetrotter at heart, having travelled extensively for both work and pleasure. My academic studies are of sociological and psychological orientation and my interests include all disciplines that bring psycho-physical benefits. 

Professionally, I have worked for various international companies and I have several years of experience in the field of professional training, mentoring and coaching. I am an expert in planning and project management with PRINCE2® certification Credential ID GR656237881EP.

Additionally, I have a High diploma in educational teaching and I am an ambassador of Positive Parenting. Own several professional certifications including Relationship Coaching Specialist, Psychological First Aid, Bioenergetic Compassionate Trainer and I am certified in professional coaching at CPD Credential ID A80TP9ND with hundreds of hours of coaching performance in my career!

I possess extensive knowledge and wide experience in talent acquisition, development, and retention. Moreover, my professional experience in different countries affords me a deep appreciation and understanding of different cultures, backgrounds and learning styles with a strong focus on diversity, equity and inclusion for which I am certified by UCI University of California- Irvine – USA with Credential ID J86UNW5Y3HYP.

A dearest friend of mine once beautifully wrote this for me summing my essence:

“You dared to venture out of the wolf’s lair. To push and grow your determined but inexperienced young self, hopping from rocks to islands, circumnavigating the globe, only to come full circle and find yourself grown into a tall, grounded, beautiful blooming tree within the self-created nurturing space. Still love to travel, yet revel in your newfound inner strength, valuing all that you freely offer, time after time, because that’s what healthy trees do every season after following a natural, loving rhythm that leads to continued new growth—new beginnings.”

Change starts the moment you take action.

My gift for you!



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