Learn to speak GenZish!

Wanna learn to speak GenZish to better understand your kids? Check out some of the lit, savage, and woke words from the squad! Have a look GenX’s and Boomers!

Photo by Nothing Ahead on Pexels.com

AF – An abbreviation for “as f***”

ATE IT – When a person says they ate, ate that, or ate this/that up, they mean they did something extremely well.

BAE – A significant other or crush

BASIC – Someone who is unoriginal or follows trends without any real personal style

BET – An agreement or confirmation, often used to say “I’m sure” or “I’m down”

BLANK STARE – dead look

BOP – A catchy or fun song

BRUH – Brother – Pal but is also used to greet somebody or meaning WTF

BUSSIN – Really good

CANCEL – To boycott or refuse to support someone or something

CAP – Lying or exaggerating, as in “No cap” meaning “I’m not lying”

CHEUGY – A girl-boss Millennial

CLOUT – Influence or fame

CLAP BACK – A quick, witty response to an insult or criticism

CRING – Embarrassing

DRIP – Streetwear good style

EXTRA – Over-the-top or excessive in behaviour or appearance.

FAM – Short for “family,” but often used to refer to a group of friends

FLEX – To show off or boast about something

FOMO – Fear of missing out

FRUITY – Kind of gay

GAS – Encouraging

GOAT – Greatest of all time

GOALS – Something badly wanted

GHOST – To disappear or stop responding to someone without explanation

GUCCI – Good or great

HOL UP – Wait a minute – Hold on a second

ICY – Something that’s cool, calm, or collected

IRL – In real life

L – Looser

LIT – Exciting, amazing, or really cool

LYKYK – Acronym for “If you know, you know.” Used to describe inside jokes.

LOWKEY – used to describe something that is not very noticeable or low-key

MOOD – when someone is really feeling a particular mood or emotion

MID – Short for mediocre

MIND MELTING – For mind-blowing

NOOB – Someone who is inexperienced or new to a particular activity or community

NPC – Someone that is ready to agree with popular opinion unquestioningly and always believes what they are told.

ON GOD – Short for “I swear to god.”

OK BOOMER – To dismiss old fashion ideas or statements

ON FLEEK – Meaning something is perfect or flawless

PERIOD – Used to add emphasis to something

RENT FREE – To be constantly thinking about or upset about something.

RIZZ – One’s courtship/seduction skills

SAVAGE – Someone who is brutally honest or doesn’t hold back their opinions

SALTY – Upset or bitter

SHIP – To support or root for a romantic pairing between two people

SHIPPER – Someone who supports or “ships” a romantic pairing between two people

SHOOK – Upsetting – shocking

SIDE EYE – If someone is acting weird

SLAY – To do something really well or look amazing while doing it

SHEESH – To praise someone when they are doing something good

SIMP – Would do anything for someone

SNACK – Really hot

SNATCHED – Attractive but also small waisted

STAN – to be a fan of or support someone or something

SUS – Short for “suspicious”

TEA – Gossip or information about someone or something

THIRSTY – Desperate or overly eager, often used to describe someone’s behaviour or pursuit of attention

THROW SHADE – To insult or criticize someone indirectly

VALID – Something that makes sense

VIBE – A feeling or atmosphere surrounding a person, place, or thing

W– Winner

WOKE – Being aware of social and political issues.

YEET – An exclamation used to express excitement or enthusiasm, often accompanied by throwing or tossing something

YIKES – Expressing empathy with unpleasant or undesirable circumstances.

ZADDY – An attractive or stylish older man, often used in a flirty or joking manner.


Mind melting, ha!

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