Decoding GenZ emoji🤰🏻

A “thumbs up” will never be the same again!”🪑

Following up on my previous post about the most common Gen Z terms, I gathered my kids, and together we created this list of emoji meanings for 2023. I’ve added a few at the bottom specifically for parents’ eyes only.

Here you go! Now, we can all decode our kids’ emojis like pros!

💀 Means “I’m dying of laughter”

🪑Means “Laughing out loud” (and falling off the chair)

 🤡 Means “I/You/he/she/they are a fool”

😭 Crying means overwhelmingly funny, instead of 😂

😅 Sweating icon means “I am stressed but fine”

👍 Thumb up has an ironic meaning rather than a positive one. It´s a passive-aggressive insult. It often means “whatever” and it´s a NO-NO for Gen Z.

⏳ It has nothing to do with time, but means attractive

🙏 Means gratitude and never high 5, or praying

🔥 Means something is “Lit”

👀 Means “I am interested, tell me more”, and not “side eyes”

🙃Indicates something has gone totally wrong, and not silliness

🤰Means that the subject topic is very attractive to the point of wishing to be impregnated with it!

🤧 Means “This is so cool!” Sick in a positive way

🖤 A black heart means gratitude

💚 A green heart means admiration

🙂 This mild smile once a symbol of happiness means “fake smile” and it’s passive-aggressive

👁️👄👁️ Blank stare means “I am shocked” or “ I feel helpless”

😘 Means thumb up 👍🏻and not a kiss

❤️ A red heart doesn´t always mean love – If combined with NO means a firm “sorry, but no.”

🤪 Means you are being goofy, dorky or that you are in a weird mood

✨ A word between sparkles emphasizes something. Often though in an ironic way…✨well done✨, not.

👉👈Means “I am shy”

😇 “I’m mean but I pretend to be an angel”

🥺” I am really cute” in a really sarcastic way

😑 Are you actually serious right now?

💅🏻 Means “Slay” …Sassy

🐐 “You are the greatest of all time!” Goat!

💳💥 Means “I need this!!”

🆑 Means “I can´t lie”

👍🏻👍🏻The double thumb-up is a sarcastic way to say “f**k you b*tch”

🚩 Means ”I am concerned”

✂️ Means you are cutting someone from your life, or lesbian

🌻 Means sunny weather

🗿 Means “I am too annoyed to care”

🌼 Means “I love you”

🍒 Men’s private parts or testicles

🥒🍆 Aubergine or cucumber is for male genitalia

👄😺🍯🦪♨️🦫 Lips, cat, honey pot, oyster, hotspot and beaver mean women’s genitalia

🌚 Dark moon with the face means “Something sexy is going on”

🍃 💨 Means weed

 👅🍭 or 👅🌮💦or 👅🍆💦 Means let´s have oral sex

🌽  Cob means adult content – pornography

💦 Means Ejaculation – “I am wet”

😈 😈 😈 Means “I am feeling naughty” and some sexual content will follow

🥩 Means “Human meat” in a sexual way

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