Trust the process!

7 skills required to get what you wish.

Trust the process is a very common expression, but few people have grasped the meaning in full. I have dedicate this post to a client very dear to me. She hit rock bottom a few times in her life to understand that achieving what she ultimately wished requires the following skills:

Calm: Controlling events obsessively will disperse focus, risking missing great opportunities.

Confidence: Acknowledging how far you already went will give you the confidence to go where you want to be.

Patience: Trusting the process means understanding that events will happen when they are supposed to. Not one day before – not one day after – Just when the time is right for you.

Resiliency: No matter how many times you stumble and fall, you know you will rise and continue your journey because you trust your strength.

Flexibility: Sometimes the journey may take an unexpected rerouting, and insist on following the original path it´s not always the best decision.

Intuition: Despite the numbness, you may feel at times you perfectly know what is best for you. It is in your guts. Trust it and you will be rewarded for life.

Gratitude: You learn to appreciate the blessing of your life. There is already a lot of abundance in your life.

The problem is that we have been raised to value achievements. It’s all about accomplishments. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, it becomes an issue when all we focus on is the end result.

Take a deep breath!

Stop dwelling on the past, missing the present moment. Fretting or despairing is a waste of precious energy. You can choose to be an overcomer or a victim, understanding that growth does not occur without experiencing discomfort, disappointment and even pain. Those are necessary emotions aimed to push you to upgrade yourself.

No matter what kind of life you have lived so far, it’s never too late to rewrite the ending to your story.

Trust the process – your intuition – your strength and celebrate 🙂

Author Elena Hansen – My Coaching Lab

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