Redundant due to COVID?

From my LinkedIn articles

Published on Jan 2021

Have you been made redundant due to COVID? Then this post is for you.

Last week I was coaching a person who was feeling embarrassed and defeated about his redundancy.
He felt hurt because he was among the selected “ To go” in his Organisation.
We had a heartfelt chat, and he wrote me this morning that our chat has changed everything for him, and that I should share my perspective with others in a blog.
Well, here it is plain and simple.

Redundant employees are the most important people in a Company. Why? Because their sacrifice is allowing the other employees, and the Establishment, to eventually survive.
This is war. And there are no winners or losers, but only survivors and dead heroes.
After the war, the dead heroes are honoured and remembered far more anyone else because they died for the survivors. And after all, the survivors are not better off due to high pressure and at risk of `Burn out”.

So please don’t feel less important than your ex-colleagues still at work, and wear your unemployed badge like a “Medal of honour 🎖”

We are all in this together ❤️

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